Saturday, November 9, 2013

My dear sister!

My sister Marianne is not with us any more.

I am remembering all the good laughs we had a few months ago.

When I lived with mum I used to jump on the bike every other day to go and visit Marianne in her flat. The bike ride took about twenty minutes on the old highway with very little traffic, it was such a nice ride through the forest.

Once I arrived, Marianne and I used to almost compete coming up with all sorts of silly jokes to get a good laugh. Everyone knows how good it is for you to laugh. You can feel it in your body.

One time she said she wanted to come and visit me and mum in Harlunda. We were of course very excited and I moved some furniture into the room she would stay in. I cleaned the room and put on clean tablecloths and burned some lavender essential oil to make it smell nice in her room. When Marianne arrived we spent a lot of time cutting and sewing clothes for mum. Marianne was an excellent sewer and she showed me tricks of how to do things. She learned a lot about sewing when she worked in the studio making garments for the Church in Sweden.

I loved my sister Marianne. When I was little she was the sister who organised games and activities for us little ones. I especially remember a picnic to the forest. Marianne packed a basket with home made cinnamon buns, home made cordial and a badminton set for us to play with and of course a blanket to sit on. Then we all walked out into the forest (not very far). It was Marianne, me and my sisters Kristina, Lena and Lillemor (if I remember right). The open clearing where we put down the blanket and spent a few hours was surrounded with big trees and the sun was shining and it was all incredibly happy (in my memory). This is how I want to remember her. She was so nice to me when I was growing up. My happiest childhood memories are from time I spent with her.

She was like an angel.